Talking to your pets…

talk to your petDo you talk to your pet?  I’ve talked to my pets since the first cat who lived with us (Belle).  She was gorgeous, a cute little grey cat who taught me important things, like how to turn over in bed without disturbing her, when dinner time is, how to sit still and be a good lap, how to catch mice…

She also taught me some less obvious cat things, like how to be invisible; how to stop and be still, just observing; how to see cats when they aren’t being obvious, where to look for a cat.  These skills have been extremely helpful, especially when I’m looking for one of my kitties.

The dogs in my life have all taught me the importance of pack life, following instructions of the Alpha, the responsibilities of an Alpha, what I can expect from a dog, and what they don’t understand.

Throughout the rest of my life, all of the other animals and birds around me have taken on my education, and that’s been great.  I’ve learned to watch, listen with my ears and my mind, and pay attention, and they’ve rewarded me by “speaking” to me.

So if you’ve ever been positive your pet knows exactly what you’re saying… you’re probably right.

Pauline is a pet whisperer or animal communicator working in south east Queensland (physically) and throughout the world via the wonders of modern technology.  If you’d like to understand your pet, have your pet talk back, or find out what your pet is saying, this may be the place for you.


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